We live to turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

The Music Place was founded in 1978 by Dan Eckelbarger to meet the emerging market for wedding entertainment as couples shifted from using live bands and wedding singers, towards prerecorded music by the original artists and professional emcees.

At the time Dan had over 20 years of experience in radio broadcasting as a DJ on WKAM and WZOW.  He was also a popular DJ at the height of the disco-era in the area nightclubs and many of his radio listeners and club patrons were asking him to play at their weddings.  The mobile DJ industry was in its infancy and people in the Midwest were just beginning to see the value in having a DJ entertain at their events versus a band or wedding singer.  Dan was one of the first in Michiana to offer such a unique service, focused on providing the best possible service at an affordable price and giving clients an alternative to expensive and inflexible live entertainers of the time.

Today, Dan’s son, Blake, is President & Vibe Curator of The Music Place, Inc. and continues the family legacy.  He’s proud that Dan’s three founding principles remain as true today as they were over 40 years ago…


Quality has always been the cornerstone of our business.  Our highly-trained entertainers and state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment bring the finest quality service and performance to your event.


Our entertainers put your tastes and concerns first in every facet of your event.  We have a genuine desire to make your party a great experience.  Proper attire, enthusiastic attitude, extensive music knowledge and comprehensive event coordination skills combine to make our entertainers second to none.


Four decades of service to thousands of clients has earned us a reputation for exceeding customers’ expectations.  Referred by the  area’s top venues, we have performed everywhere from the Palais Royale to your neighbors’ backyards.  No matter what size or style of event, you’ll receive professional service, quick responses, customized options, and award winning entertainment from start to finish.

Vintage photo of Dan playing a prom in 1985

Vintage photo of Dan playing a prom in 1985