This private academy prep school near Culver, IN has been a client of ours for nearly twenty years and although most of their events take place on their campus, this special night involves bussing all the senior cadets off campus an hour away in Chesterton, IN for a formal dinner dance party.  It’s essentially the equivalent of this school’s prom, just minus the dates.  And any chance to dress up and party with your friends is one you should never turn down!  

As in the past this year’s event was held at the well-appointed Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton, Indiana.    DJ Sticky Boots was set up with our powerful Platinum prom package and room full of computer-controlled wireless LED up lights, ready to rock with a mix of hip-hop, EDM, international and top 40 hits for the over 200 students attending.

After a brief social hour, students enjoyed a full buffet complete with a chocolate fountain dessert bar before school dance DJ, Sticky Boots, set his turntables ablaze and packed the dancefloor the rest of the night.   Also unique to this event is a period where students award Senior Superlative certificates with such distinctions as “Best Dressed”, “Most Likely to Become President”, and “Most Likely to Marry Someone Twice Their Age”.  The awards program culminated with the naming of a senior class Jester, Prince, Princess, King, and Queen.