One of our biggest junior-senior Indiana proms of the spring took place May 16 at one of our favorite venues, Bread & Chocolate at The Old Bag Factory in Goshen, IN.  Over 400 high school students were in attendance for the four hour event which featured our DJ Sticky Boots Platinum Prom package complete with computer-controlled uplighting and a customized step and repeat red carpet paparazzi backdrop.  We even provided a second complete DJ system in another alternative dance space which featured a completely open format, all request music style, where prom-goers could hear everything from cumbia and batchata to 80’s and country.

Students ascended to the 3rd floor ballroom at the Bag Factory and were immediately greeted by the unique Bollywood prom theme complete with bright colored uplighting and plenty of Indian influences. After checking in, kids took pics on the red carpet step and repeat for immediate posting to Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter before visiting the prom photographers from The Point Photo Design for more formal shots.  The party was hot from 8:00pm till midnight as the school’s Michiana prom DJs rocked both rooms with a high energy mix of top 40, EDM, trap, twerk, and hip-hop hits.  Prom royalty were crowned at 10:30pm, naming both a Junior prince and princess and Senior king and queen.