Knollwood Country club was the Granger Indiana party venue for Alex’s Sweet 16 in August, and she chose DJ Sticky Boots as her Indiana Sweet 16 DJ.   Unlike the typical sweet 16 with lots of decorations and guests dressed to impress, this was a pool party, but INDOORS.

The weather that evening was threatening and surprisingly chilly for mid August, but that’s no problem with Knollwood’s Olympic-sized indoor pool facility.  Sticky Boots was set up poolside with a large sound system including 18” subwoofers and nearly 5000 watts of sound which was more than adequate to keep guests entertained with Top 40, House Music, Hip-hop, and dubstep as they bounced between dancing, swimming, and hitting the hot-tub.   Knollwood even turned off the overhead lighting in the pool area which allowed our amazing LED light show to light up the entire space with a rich, multi-colored and beat-synced display, creating energy and excitement.   It surely must have looked just like a nightclub to anyone coming in off the golf course after a round of 18 holes!