Although we are usually hired to get people dancing, occasionally we are booked to provide audio services only for a corporate or institutional client.   This was a the case for a local business publication who was holding a holiday event and press conference at Lucchese’s Italian Restaurant in Elkhart, IN at the end of November to kick off the Holiday season.  

This client were expecting as many as 300 guests to attend and needed a powerful sound system in place for holiday music and PA throughout the entire restaurant, including the ability to hear a guest speaker in multiple rooms.   We provided a DJ to play the music, operate the sound system, and provide technical support throughout the entire event, with wireless sound solutions in three separate rooms and a microphone for the presentations.   

The highlight of the night was a surprise performance by a local 12-piece bagpipe band who paraded through the restaurant much to everyone’s delight.   We didn’t have anything to do with that, but who doesn’t like a group of men in kilts in November playing bagpipes?!  

If you’re in need of sound for a corporate meeting or group event and don’t know where to start, let us know.We’ll be happy to help design a solution that works for you!