We do quite a few company and corporate Christmas and holiday parties each December and January for repeat customers, but this corporate event was a for a brand new client.  It’s a large, multi-national corporation with a division located in Middlebury and upwards of 400 employees that attend their annual party.  In the past they had used live bands, but noticed that most bands aren’t really capable of getting people up to dance for an entire night and don’t have the ability to play the wide variety of music that a group this big is sure to enjoy.  Many bands also don’t have the polished abilities as masters of ceremonies that it critical to communicating information at an event of this size.

After hearing about the performance of DJ Sticky Boots from attendees of another company holiday party the year before, this company’s HR manager booked our Platinum package for the Northern Indiana Event Center’s Ingram Hall (also sometimes inaccurately called the RV Hall of Fame) and set to planning an awesome event!

After a casual cocktail hour, a dinner buffet catered by Nelson’s, and a spirited gift giving period, Sticky Boots opened up the dancefloor and got employees out of their seats dancing for the rest of then evening.  Guests made requests and got to hear everything they liked, which was a huge improvement over the band from the year before.    At the end of the night, the people had spoken, and the HR manager hired us for 2019 right on the spot!   Now that kind of confidence in what we can do is the best gift of all!

Northern Indiana Event Center
Nelson’s Catering