Here’s a fun fact, we entertain for a number of RV rallies every year in Elkhart County as various RV groups from across the country bring their recreational vehicles to Elkhart and Goshen for repair, site-seeing, and fellowship with fellow RV’ers with similar interests.   This particular event was a unique one even as RV events go as we played for about 150 attendees of the “RV’ing Women” group.

RV’ing Women is a group of nearly all female RV owners and drivers from across the country who travel in their RVs to interesting destinations and celebrate together as women.  Their ages range from 21 to 80 with the majority being in the 55-70 range.  Their annual rally site was chosen as the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, and they contacted us about 8 months in advance to make sure we could accommodate them.  We had a blast rocking with this group who enjoyed everything from the oldies to Lady Gaga and Pink and know just about every line dance known to man (and women).  

It’s always so much fun to do RV events and meet great people from all over the country.  RV’ing is a very unique lifestyle, and we’re happy we get to share in it with great groups like this for an evening.